Ronald Redick Tourists from Germany Praise the Friendliness of the Police in Tabanan - Bali

Senin, 15 Mei 2023, Mei 15, 2023 WIB Last Updated 2023-05-16T04:46:26Z
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Tabanan, Tuesday 16 May 2023-A tourist from Germany Ronald Redick said the police in Tabanan Bali were very friendly and very helpful. This was disclosed by Mr. Ronald Redick at Kelating beach, Kerambitan District, Tabanan Regency on Monday, May 15 2023 afternoon.

According to his narrative, the Indonesian police were very friendly and very helpful. Where Mr Ronald Redick had visited several regions in Indonesia such as We Island, North Sumatra and others. "What's more, in Tabanan, on Kelating beach, we were very well received by the police. Not only the police, the residents are also friendly and very helpful, unlike in several other countries," said Mr. Ronald Redick to the Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police, who greeted him at a beachside stall. Kelating (Monday 15/5/2023)

We are very grateful to the Police that in Tabanan - Bali, the police are very friendly, like the Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police who has been pleased to provide an explanation of various matters relating to culture and regulations that apply in Bali "thank you very much for helping me, give me the explanation about Bali and culture" he said in English.

With permission from the Head of the Tabanan Police AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes S.H., S.I.K M.H., Head of Public Relations of the Tabanan Police AKP I Nyoman Subagia, S.Sos conveyed to Mr. Ronald Redick, who together with two colleagues from Switzerland, that he must comply with the regulations in force in Bali - Indonesia. "you must obey the rules that apply in Bali. do not recklessly drive a vehicle on the highway". Said AKP Subagia in fluent English

From their chat it was seen that AKP Subagia when parting ways expressed his gratitude to Mr. Ronald Redick using several foreign languages ​​"thank you, dunker, spasiba, mercy mercy, gracias," Closed AKP Subagia while shaking hands and being greeted with great friendship by Mr. Ronald Redick with two friends. "Dunker sun" said Mr. Ronald Redick.

(Tabanan Police Public Relations)